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AFOC Germany Professional Aerial Photogrammetrists

Planimetric, Topographic Mapping

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Identifies physical features including: Roads, Buildings and Vegetation .
Collected through break lines and spot elevations. Topographic mapping is a primary source for creating DEMs and DTMs. Topographic and planimetric maps are generated utilizing both analytic and softcopy workstations.
Common applications for planimetric mapping are GIS base maps, Digital elevation models (DEMs), Road design, Sewer and water utilities layout & design, Drainage and runoff analysis, Volume determination of sand- coal- and mines, Landfill compaction ratios and Subdivision design.

Orthophotograhy, GIS Basemaps

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Aerial photographs inherently contain distortions as a result of many factors as Camera's orientation at exposure, Surface relief, Lens distortions or Film imperfections. In an orthophotograph (ortho for short), these distortions have been removed. Orthophotography is most commonly used as a mapping base, especially for Geographic Information Systems (GISs).
All orthos are produced in-house at our parent company facilities. We deliver quality orthos with pixel resolutions ranging from just over an inch to two feet.
Software written by our parent company application and development department provides us with a true edge in mosaicing (no pun intended) on the competition.

Aerial Photography

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With your camera system or ask to use ours. We have the co-developped the latest technology camera systems for aerial capture.
Many single and twin aircrafts based worldwide to serve you anywhere over the gloge.

Geo-Referenced Imagery

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We offers geo-referenced imagery as a low cost alternative to orthophotography. Geo-referenced imagery is simply aerial photography which has be "rubber sheeted" to a given control source. Geo-referenced imagery can serve as a lower cost basemap..
Control Sources: USGS Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs), Existing orthophotography. Digital tax maps, Existing geo-referenced imagery, Existing planimetric (vector) data.
Common applications for geo-referenced imagery: Base for GIS, Image back for tax mapping and Growth analysis.

LiDAR, Light Detection & Ranging

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Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is provided using the revolutionary system: the Trimble Harrier 68i.
Trimble Harrier 68i, Match AT, OrthoMaster, OrthoVista, DT Master, DTM Extension.
Lidar system - Up to 400kHz pulse rate, Integrated medium format digital frame camera with image resolution up to 3cm.

Digital Plotting

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We are proud to offer both traditional photographic enlargments and digital plotting..
Consistancy in repoductions, Vector data can be printed directly ontop of the image, up to 42" wide.


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Accepting Resume
Currently no position available, but we always welcome resume from interested pilot with EASA CPL SE ME IR +500TT for topography mission of 2 to 6 months in Europe, flying our C206, C310 or P68, lodging provided. In-House aerial survey training. Please NO CALL, email CV and cover letter. Response only to selected candidates.
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Our crews are formally prohibited to use the services of the following companies:
· SIXT RENT-A-CAR (Belgium)
· Park Inn by Radisson Berchem